Mommy burnout?

We asked our Facebook community what triggers “Mommy Burnout” for them, and we were flooded with great responses! Join April and Saren as they share their own “Mommy-Burnout” stories and brainstorm strategies for avoiding some of the stress and doldrums that can be a sad and frustrating part of motherhood. Here are a few of the ideas Saren and April will talk about: Get enough sleep. (Late night … Continue reading»

How to renegotiate with yourself

One October, when life was feeling happy and we were in the midst of living up the family traditions, I signed up to bring a crock pot of chili to a local Halloween celebration my family was planning to attend. I have a great chili recipe, and I was happy to offer my services when the organizers sent out an email asking for extra help.  But when the day of … Continue reading»

A deliberate mother’s guide to simple Halloween fun

How does a deliberate mother handle Halloween? Does she work to make Halloween educational or meaningful (maybe delve into the history of Halloweeen or talk about the pros and cons of “scary”) or just accept it as a mostly meaningless but fun holiday? Does she make cute homemade costumes to accommodate her kids’ dearest wishes or shy away from the whole dressing-up thing, worrying that it’s a waste of time … Continue reading»

You know you’re a mom if . . . (Video 1)

To celebrate the fact that motherhood is one of the most hilarious jobs in the world, Power of Moms has created this new series: “You Know You’re a Mom If . . .” Here’s our very first video by Allyson, and we’d love for you to share your own stories and one-liners in the comments section below.  Enjoy!  

How to teach children about (*gasp*) pornography

See the problem?

Today’s post was written by Power of Moms contributor, Melody Harrison Bergman. Editor’s Note: Although recent studies suggest that a rising number of men and women find pornography to be acceptable, at Motherhood Matters, we wholeheartedly disagree. In fact, we believe it is the responsibility of every deliberate mother to protect her children from any content that is pornographic in nature. Many of our community members may have read an article circulating … Continue reading»

One-on-one time with our kids: why we must and how we can


It was hard to believe this morning as I was racing to the high school with my oldest daughter and giving her a “talking to” about getting in bed earlier so she wouldn’t miss her bus in the mornings that this time last week we were having the time of our lives together on a surprise out-of-town trip my husband and I planned for her 16th birthday. Why … Continue reading»

Two simple ways to nourish family life

Once upon a time, before my life began to revolve around naps and then homework and now carpools, I studied some fascinating stuff about families while pursuing my Masters degree at Harvard (that diploma on my wall is mostly useful these days for reminding my kids that I actually DO know a thing or two…). Recently I decided it would be interesting to re-read one of my favorite … Continue reading»

Healthy eating (and no more diets)

April loves to purchase produce on sale and keep it handy. And her daughter Grace likes to decorate it. We received a question from a mom who was wondering what healthy eating can and should be for a mom. She’s seen the never-ending diets that are flaunted on magazine covers at all the check-out stands. She’s heard about all the latest “superfoods.” But she was wanted to know if there’s … Continue reading»

How to remember who we are in the midst of mothering mayhem

The other night, my husband and I were trying to replace the net on our trampoline (the previous one had been ripped to shreds), and our children were playing at a nearby park that had been freshly mowed.  Frustrated because the new net hadn’t come with instructions and looked nothing like our old one, we decided to call it quits for the night and gathered our children back … Continue reading»

Acceptance comes first


This past Wednesday, Saren, April, and I met with 65 wonderful mothers in Salt Lake City to celebrate the launch of our first Power of Moms book, Deliberate Motherhood. We self-published the book last year, but it wasn’t long before a national publisher picked it up, updated the cover, and launched it again on September 3rd to booksellers all over the nation, including Barnes & Noble. While publishing a book is … Continue reading»