When it’s okay to ignore your children

As deliberate mothers, we would never dreamof ignoring our children. We’re all about looking them in the eye, validating their feelings, and helping them feel important and heard. Right? Tonight as I was working on this post, I had one child … Continue reading»

Making peace with screen time

In celebration of Screen Free Week, We’re posting podcasts and scree-free-related posts each day. If you are completely unplugging this week, we’ll be here when you get back! Screen time is an issue for most deliberate mothers. How much time do your children spend … Continue reading»

How can a busy mom stay focused?

In honor of Screen-Free Week, we’re posting a podcast. Happy listening! Do you ever feel like you move from one task to the next but never actually get the most important things done? Join April Perry, Tiffany Sowby and Briana Johnson … Continue reading»