Mommy burnout?

Every mother has times when she feels burned out.  In this radio show, April and Saren will share some of their own stories--plus lots of ideas from our Power of Moms community that will help us identify our burn-out triggers (and prevent them!).

We asked our Facebook community what triggers “Mommy Burnout” for them, and we were flooded with great responses! Join April and Saren as they share their own “Mommy-Burnout” stories and brainstorm strategies for avoiding some of the stress and doldrums that can be a sad and frustrating part of motherhood.

Here are a few of the ideas Saren and April will talk about:

  • Get enough sleep. (Late night TV may have to go…)
  • Record what’s weighing on us/overwhelming us, and then go through each item and try to delegate, delay, or delete.
  • Simplify our schedules.
  • Communicate with our family members and tell them if we’re having a “hormonal” time or a particularly challenging week.  (Let them know what they can do to help.)
  • Establish boundaries and respect those boundaries. Decide what we really need to feel healthy and happy – and don’t let those things slide (diet, exercise, sleep, time to read, time with friends, etc.).
  • Recognize that sometimes we’ve got to “mother” ourselves as well as our families! We’ve got to assess and attend to our own needs more often so that we can be the moms, wives, and women we really want to be.

Show Notes

Great comments and ideas about Mommy Burnout on our Facebook page.

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