Healthy eating (and no more diets)

I (April) love to purchase produce when it's on sale and fill our counters. And my daughter Grace likes to decorate it.

April loves to purchase produce on sale and keep it handy. And her daughter Grace likes to decorate it.

We received a question from a mom who was wondering what healthy eating can and should be for a mom. She’s seen the never-ending diets that are flaunted on magazine covers at all the check-out stands. She’s heard about all the latest “superfoods.” But she was wanted to know if there’s a way to simply eat healthfully all the time rather than dieting – and if so, how that could work.

Since healthy eating for themselves and their families is something April and Saren think about and talk about a lot, they decided to devote this week’s radio show to this important and often tricky topic. In this 35-minute show, they share:

  • some simple the food “rules” they’ve made for themselves
  • tips for eating healthily while on the run as moms
  • ideas for helping ourselves and our kids develop a real appetite for healthy foods
  • thoughts on how we can develop a more positive and realistic attitude towards food and towards our bodies

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 Show Notes:

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* Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.


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