Planning your family’s best summer yet

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With the end of the school year right around the corner, I’ve been getting all my summer “documents” out (lists of things to do, summer schedules, brochures for camps/classes, etc.) and thinking about doing a post on getting ready for summer. However, when I went to our website, The Power of Moms, and did a search, I discovered we already had the bases covered pretty well.

With four children ranging in age from 5-15, making a deliberate plan for how the summer is going to go down is no joke. Obviously, I don’t want anyone sitting around watching TV all summer (except for Day 1, which is our traditional movies and jammies day — yay!), but my tactics for the 5-year-old and the 15-year-old are going to be very different. In short, I need a serious plan. A plan for learning, a plan for work and, of course, a plan for fun. (That’s actually at the top of the list.) And if you’re here, I’m guessing you feel the same. Whatever your family dynamic and personality style, the following is a list of all our best posts for making this your family’s best summer yet. Enjoy!

The Type-A, nitty gritty, ultra practical, planning posts for a “productive” summer:

Great ideas for making the most of your vacations, stay-cations and road trips:

Just good ole lists of fun things to do:

All fun, no fuss:

Bonus section for those who really want to ramp up the reading this summer:

There you have it, moms! All the information you could ever want (and more) for creating a summer to remember. Please share the love by pinning, posting on Facebook, linking to your blog or simply forwarding to a friend. Twelve weeks is a long time to be in survival mode listening to your children complain about being bored. No mom should be without these great resources! Happy summer!

QUESTION: What are your best strategies for creating an awesome summer?

CHALLENGE: Get ahead of the game and make a plan before that final school bell rings.

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