“Magical Journey” with Katrina Kenison



Recording this podcast with Katrina Kenison was honestly adream come true.

For years, I (April) have read her books, followed her blog, and taken courage from her wise, wise words.

She’s helped me to slow down, to see the value of my work, and to experience true contentment in motherhood.

Now, in her brand new book, Magical Journey, she shares deeply and vulnerably about this new stage of her life.

Whether, like Katrina, your children have “left the nest” or whether you’re still in the midst of diaper changes and high-chair feedings, I guarantee that the thoughts and ideas you’ll have when you listen to this interview will inspire and encourage you on your path of deliberate motherhood.

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Music in the podcast from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.


Show Notes – Additional Links

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Magical Journey Video:

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