Unleashing the power of a mom’s voice

Moms have powerful voices, and the more they use them, the stronger they will become. But many mothers struggle just to balance housework, children, employment, sleep and the constant stream of tasks that whiz past the kitchen counter. Is it really possible to go outside our comfort zones and use our voices to make a difference?

For today’s post, I interviewed one of the most amazing mom-voices I know (using my minivan as a sound studio while our seven children played together inside the house).

If you are a mom who wants to feel more confident and deliberate about the way you use your voice, this podcast is for you.

Sarah Hull and I were dear friends back in high school.

And back in 2003, she became a mother to Katie (soon to be followed by Ella and Carter).  Katie is a darling daughter with “extras,” as Sarah likes to call it.  She was born with Spina Bifida, and over the course of the past nine years, the Hull family has had an incredible impact on their friends, their community, and the thousands of mothers throughout the world who connect with them at school, on their family blog and through Sarah’s business.

I asked Sarah to share a little about her story and explain why it’s important for moms to know that they have a voice.

Then we got into some of the “hard” questions: What prevents mothers from using their voices? How do we get past all those fears, setbacks, and self-doubts?

We also talked about who we look to for inspiration, how we’ve seen our voices make a difference — even in small ways — and what we would recommend to a mother who is trying to get started.

While you’re exercising, cleaning or simply relaxing in a hot bath at the end of the day, we hope you’ll enjoy this conversation that has further inspired me to get up every day and use my voice.

Click here to listen to the podcast, “Using Our Voices.” (You might need to give it a minute to load. All podcasts are also available on iTunes.)

QUESTION: Have you had a great experience using your voice — either to be an advocate for your child, make a difference in the community or share a unique point of view with the world?

CHALLENGE: Take some time to listen to this podcast, and then identify one way you could start (or continue) using your voice the way you know, deep down, it’s meant to be used.

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    I strongly agree..Moms are not for house only doing household chores , some kitchen stuffs..Moms are trying their best to be flexible as they can wanting to always balance time between family and work. All mom are hero.

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