You can read this article or scroll down to watch my recent TV interview on the main points. Maybe you’ve experienced a scenario like this before: After knocking yourself out to plan a special event for you and your children to enjoy in a fun and meaningful way, they’re not responding quite as you had hoped. Instead of cooperating, expressing gratitude, and looking on with wide-eyed interest as … Continue reading»

My all-time FAVORITE book for teaching kids to read

When I’m talking to friends about the process of teaching our children to read, I always ask, “Have you heard about the book, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons?” More often than not, my friends will say, “No, I’ve never heard of it.” (And I wouldn’t have either, if it hadn’t been for three or four of my dear friends who raved about it–and my sister-in-law, … Continue reading»

Barbara Walters’ one regret

I read an article recently about an interview between Piers Morgan of CNN and broadcast journalism icon Barbara Walters discussing her impending retirement at age 84 after a stunningly successful career. At the end of their time together, Piers asked Barbara one last question: “Final question. It’s kind of not a best or worst. It’s more like, you’ve had such an extraordinary life and career, and it’s continuing … Continue reading»

Setting simple family resolutions

Most of us set some personal resolutions in January. But what about our families? This is a great time to discuss what’s working and not working in our families and decide on some things we’re going to work on together. For Family Night last night, we talked about what resolutions are, shared some of our personal resolutions, and brainstormed some family resolutions for the year. Each child picked … Continue reading»

A powerful alternative to setting goals

I grew up thinking that the mandatory requirement of New Year’s Day was to create a long list of resolutions. So I did. And I still do. (Because it’s a habit…and because it’s fun.) But what I’ve come to learn over the past few years is that there’s an amazingly powerful process that helps me accomplish even more in my life than is inspired by the typical goal-setting session. It’s … Continue reading»

Taking (some of) the stress out of Christmas Day

By now I’m sure you’ve seen as many articles as I have about creating a stress-free holiday. There are many lovely ideas floating around out there, and I’m always trying to incorporate some of them, but I think having a totally stress-free holiday as The Mother is completely unrealistic. Christmas is the project of all projects that you can’t put off or avoid, and it lands right on … Continue reading»

The holidays: stop, simplify, enjoy

Today’s post comes from one of our wonderful Power of Moms authors, Rachel Winter. The holiday season is upon us. Are you starting to panic? Choking on your candy canes thinking about presents, parties, Pinterest-perfect table settings, and making the best memories for your children? I used to be like that. I devoured every article, magazine, and creative idea out there. I tried to incorporate everything to make … Continue reading»

When it’s okay to ignore your children

As deliberate mothers, we would never dreamof ignoring our children. We’re all about looking them in the eye, validating their feelings, and helping them feel important and heard. Right? Tonight as I was working on this post, I had one child on the bed next to me asking for homework help, another child telling me all the details of tonight’s orchestra concert, and another child insisting I smell their … Continue reading»

What we, as mothers, must remember

I recently spoke with two seasoned mothers who had asked what we do here at Power of Moms.  After I gave them a basic overview, one of the mothers said,  “I should tell my sister about this.  She’s going through a hard time right now with two young children.  She feels like she’s trapped.  She doesn’t enjoy motherhood, and she calls me, crying, all the time.” The three … Continue reading»

Family fun jar — a gift that keeps on giving

A couple years back, I was talking to a friend about how I really wanted to give my children memories and love at Christmas, not just “stuff.” She told me about something that she and her husband give their children every year – a Family Fun Jar.  The Family Fun Jar has now become one of the most anticipated gifts our children get on Christmas Day – and … Continue reading»